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November 5, 2011
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Pumpkin Madness - Hogwarts Style by johwee Pumpkin Madness - Hogwarts Style by johwee
Obligatory group picture time! I'm a little late with it, since uploading all the pumpkins was really a chore. And this picture didn't turn out as well as I would have liked, so I was feeling meh about uploading it.

With all the other ones being cut through, they shine so bright that the Hogwarts crest doesn't show up as well. Honestly I should have thinned it more from the back, but that thing was so huge it would have been a pain. Voldemort could have used another soak before I took these too, his nose had gone all funny. And Snape has some super candle action going on. I have no idea why Dumbledore is so bright either, he was using the same candle type as the others. And to top it all off, my camera was running out of room! I used up the last of it taking these. Complain complain...

It was a good Halloween though. I had decided on a Harry Potter theme back in the summer, when I went to Leakycon. I actually had 10 pumpkins planned, but ran out of time. There was supposed to be Hagrid, two owls, and a Dark Mark to go with these guys. I also tossed around the idea for another really big detailed one like the crest, but I ruled that out pretty early. While carving, I watched the first six movies. I didn't have the last two on DVDs, so instead I watched Nightmare Before Christmas and Advent Children to finish it up on Monday.

I'm hoping for a less busy Halloween next year, so I can bring an even better display!

Bonus: My Pottermore username is FlightRose151~ Friend me!

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Patterns From Zombie Pumpkins: [link] (Harry, Dumbledore, Sirius) Jammin Pumpkins: [link] (Voldemort, Snape) and Myself (Hogwarts Crest)
Harry Potter and Characters © J.K. Rowling
All Carvings © Me
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